As part of productivity enhancement and loss prevention policies, managements worldwide are placing emphasis on Risk Assessment and Management and exposing their employees to specialized techniques and applications. The validity of such training has been accepted and is being made mandatory, with refresher courses at regular intervals.

HAZOP courses and particularly Leadership certification courses are useful in chemical plants that are subjected to regular changes and modification. It is important that experienced and skilled leaders assess these modifications for increase in risk before changes are implemented.

The HAZOP certification course offers a unique opportunity to identify and empower those who may be willing to take up the task of providing the vital leadership in conducting HAZOP for their companies

While the course is not intended for people with no experience of HAZOP, the teaching material includes some elements of HAZOP theory, which are presented to allow the leader to understand the context of his role and that of the other members of the team. Wherever possible, practical suggestions and discussions of the alternatives open to the leader will be made