Though noise is an accepted part of any industrial activity, it can have adverse impacts if the levels are both high and continuous. Primary impacts will be nuisance and an increase in the ambient noise levels. This could lead to hearing impairment and sleep disturbance leading to serious health issues in humans, with the potential to affect work output and efficiency. It could also adversely affect the environment leading to migration of birds and fauna from natural habitats

Hence a Noise assessment study can be undertaken by a company to protect the health and safety of its employees  and in an effort to strengthen its relationship with the settlements around its site of industrial activity. This will assist the management to make an appropriate selection of noise mitigation measures.

The goal of the assessment will be to ensure ambient noise level does not exceed the permissible limits as a result of the proposed installation and operation of the equipment and to prevent any adverse effect on its employees and the surrounding settlements.

noise modelling contours