In-house training courses

RiskChem Academy can offer courses on various aspects of Health, Safety and Environment at your premises or at a preferred location. These courses are prepared and conducted by a panel of experts who have over 25 years of experience in the field of Risk Assessment. We have also carried out studies on Quantitative Risk Assessment, HAZOP, Hazardous Area Classification, Emergency Management Plan etc. for different types of industries across India, Middle East and Africa.

                LIST OF IN HOUSE COURSES

  1. Safety Systems – Beyond Engineering
  2. Hazard Identification in the Workplace
  3. Disaster Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  4. Hazardous Area Classification
  5. HAZOP (Hazard & Operability Studies) & HAZAN (Hazard Analysis) Studies
  6. Quantitative Risk Assessments
  7. Accident Investigation & Reporting
  8. Emergency Management of Chemical Spills & Leaks
  9. Operator Safety in Hot Metal Processing
  10. Management of Industrial Risk, Safety & Security -- Present Trends & Practices
  11. Effective Environment Management at Petroleum Industry
  12. Hazardous Areas & Equipment – Prevention & Protection Procedures
  13. Risk Assessment & Management
  14. Environmental Impact Assessment
  15. Chemical HAZMAT handling
  16. Safety Assessment & Management
  17. Fundamentals of Industrial Safety
  18. Hazard & risk at Construction sites
  19. Basics of Risk Assessment
  20. Lockout & Tagout Verification (LOTO-V)