Hazards are inherent to all industrial activities, since they involve hazardous operations and/ or the handling of hazardous material. The mere existence of hazards, however, does not automatically imply the existence of risk.
Screening & ranking methodologies need to be applied

Recent trends seen worldwide  show that Risk Assessment techniques are being   used at every stage. The techniques are no longer confined to just remediation of siting problems but are being used to identify major risk-causing elements of a process during normal and sub-normal operations and correct them.

 The Academy specializes in predictive analysis of potential accident situations for industrial processes and operations. In this context, our research efforts have led to the development of software packages that allow selection, application and interpretation of various consequence models for modelling of scenarios.



Advances in computer simulation technologies have now made it possible to visualize  hazards and assess their true impact in a realistic fashion.

Some of the above Risk Assessment techniques have been developed into software packages by employing innovative scientific techniques such as expert systems, linked model capability to estimate fire & explosion potential, interacting event consequences, etc.

We offer conduct of select simulation runs on our PC-based software techniques. The programs will provide rapid estimates of the most likely hazardous consequences of accidental releases of toxic and flammable gases or liquids under various conditions of release.