Preparation of HSE Manual

While the objective of the Company is to conduct its operations safely, protecting the health of employees and all persons, it is the duty of all employees to exercise personal responsibility and to co-operate in preventing harm to themselves, others and the environment

The contribution of every employee to improve Health, Safety and Environment will be valued as essential to the success of the enterprise. Each employee shall execute his work assignments in accordance with recognized safety procedures. Employees shall exercise constant vigilance and help to prevent accidents by:

  • Studying all available precautions pertinent to the work and applying them.
  • Understanding and carefully following instructions.
  • Using best judgment and giving undivided attention to the work at hand.
  • Helping other employees to become safety conscious.
  • Performing each work in the safest manner possible.

Preparation of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) manual and its implementation will achieve these objectives